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This Magical LED Houseplant can breathe new life into your living room and Can help you wake up and focus, as well as relax and sleep.

Please note:! ! Because this product is a new product, there are many people who need time to manufacture it, so it can be shipped in at least 8 days, and it will take about 6 days at the earliest! !

The product is controlled by the smart phone app.

Please note that the 100 mode, 300 mode, and 500 mode are the programmable conversion mode of the lamp, not the number of lamp beads

We designed LED Houseplant to be the perfect companion from morning until night, and to elevate everyday moments and rituals. It’s great for social gatherings, movie screenings, dinner parties, date nights. The list goes on (and on).

In the age of remote work, LED Houseplant also creates an incredible productive and motivating home office environment. And because LED light can promote a healthy circadian rhythm, it also offers many body and mind enhancing benefits.

That means Fluora can help you wake up and focus, as well as relax and sleep.

Products include:
A set of four branches with 20 leaves (not including flower pots)


For the stems, that meant finding the perfect fabrication partners to get the overall look, layout, and finish just right.

For the leaves, that meant experimenting with many different materials and form factors to find the optimal diffusion of light.

For the lights, that meant testing countless LED types and configurations to ensure LED Houseplant felt like a living, breathing piece of art.

With each prototype we built, we pushed the aesthetic and functional limits of every component forward, until we had realized our vision — a magical houseplant imbued with light.


LED Houseplant is intended for indoor use. While it is fine to place the plant outside temporarily (e.g. for events) under appropriate conditions, it is not weather-resistant and should not be exposed to rain, snow, high winds, high temperatures, or high UV exposure.

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    100 mode
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    $79.90 $49.90